Digital Advertisers Should Monitor Political For Future Obstacles

By Joe Lakin

Over the past year, we’ve seen countless changes to social and digital platforms impacting our clients and their digital campaigns. In 2020, Adobe ended political advertising of their platform. Immediately after the Election, Facebook and Google followed suit with temporary bans.

While in the past two weeks, Google lifted their political ban and Facebook lifted theirs, these changes are not the beginning of the end of new obstacles for advertisers, they represent the beginning of the beginning.  Uncertainty will be the rule moving forward, not the exception.

Non-political advertisers would be wise to take note from the challenges political advertisers have faced. These rules, whether by company policy (IE Google’s cookie policy), state or federal law (see Virginia’s new take on CCPA), international law (like Europe’s GDPR) or even administrative rules and regulations will continue to force advertisers to deploy unique data, technology and delivery strategies that ensure compliance yet still meet client objectives.

Now, more than ever, campaigns, companies and causes will need partners to help them navigate these rules, innovate their strategies, and invest in smart technology that ensures their campaigns can succeed, no matter what.

That’s exactly what we do each and every day. By combining innovative, real-time market research strategies and technology with  cutting-edge ad delivery strategies, we ensure our clients meet their objectives no matter what.

Wondering how to navigate these uncertain waters, get in touch today to learn how we can help.